Do you consider your BF2s friends better than your real-life friends?

Yes9%9% - 20
No83%83% - 170
Undecided6%6% - 14
Total: 204
U shud proabbly f off u fat prik
+3,097|6155|Gogledd Cymru

Seriously now, no.

The moment I put this forum infront of being sociable with people I see regularly will be a sad day. I talk to various members from here be it via facebook, text message etc. But I can't say that they're better than people I know IRl because I've never met them. That said you guys come hella close

This thread is pathetic. 33 of you are sad fucks.
mmmf mmmf mmmf
+1,729|6403|Oxferd Ohire
one thing about my real life friends though, they suck at reading comprehension so they misinterpret almost everything i say on the internet. especially facebook . most just generally fail at the internet, 80% of  the time when talking to them on skype it's boring unless playing a game.
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
I have mentioned before that I have a friend who moved to South Korea while freelancing as a writer or whatever it is Uzique does there.

this was not the thread I was looking for

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