I also believe the generally hierarchal thinking of white conservatives is also a contributing factor. Too many think they and their community are special because the global order, for a time, was dominated by other whites. I think a lot of young white men absorb the thinking that they are special, denied a birthright, and all of their problems are the result of other people.
*dilbert enters the chat*


I'll take communal showers when our government stops allowing the nestles of the world to pilfer our groundwater for pennies.
re: computer control, clearly the answer to reducing at-home power expenses. never mind the rich man keeping his 20 bedroom mansion lit and air conditioned.
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
19 year old in Tennessee driving around shooting at random people while streaming it to Facebook.

Idaho’s Far Right Suffers Election Loss to 18-Year-Old Climate Activist … -election/

Imagine bringing a bunch of AR-15s to intimidate a bunch of 15-year-olds.

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