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hell hath no fury like a nerd scorned.

it's really interesting to see how the bashful nerd stereotype has become an actually vocal, powerful demographic on the internet.

whether it's star wars, MCU/DC, culture war skirmishes over ghostbusters, etc., nerds are a vociferous (and generally politically and culturally conservative) bunch.

Similarly with game culture, though sharing a lot of that Venn diagram. "Why is there a woman in my "hyper-realistic" boy shooter game with "realistic" action figure cartoon tactics?" "Female lead's face is too fat, pass on this whole game." Some of that stuffy attitude is carried on by game devs while addressing players. Vicious circles of resentment and snark.

Vociferous, zombie apocalypse aficionado nerd complaints have contributed towards the latest version of 7 Days to Die move back to the huge, menial grind, it used to be. Usually, servers only stay up for about a month IRL (worlds can start generating errors after longer durations), which isn't really enough time now to accomplish some of the end-game goals.

At least as far as video games are concerned, I don't know why they just don't put in more built-in settings that a server owner can toggle or adjust to cater to their or their playerbase's tastes. Zomboid is very brutal and exacting on its defaults, but you can customize about every aspect from within the settings windows. "An aspect of this zombie game isn't realistic. Let's nerf a 5 minute task so it takes like 50. Problem? Git gud."

Ghostbusters 2016 manufactured much of its own controversy. Trailer didn't look good, people didn't like the jokes, old fans wondered what happened with all the characters and lore from the previous two movies. Filmmakers: "I guess you're sexist then." OK.

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