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Stop correcting other people’s grammar … s-grammar/

Another one of these, from 2019. I see these confessions from time to time. "I was one of those people until I went to college and learned that I knew far less than I thought I did." I've been thinking about that sort of thing in the wake of what I perceive is a bump in ever-present grammar nazis on social media platforms. Someone makes a minor typo or some sort of mistake, and five people reply with unsolicited corrections. Amazing contributions, not.

Give me linguistic freedom, or give me heart death.
nobel peace prize for russian journalists working for opposition/independent newspapers (many of whom's journalists have been murdered).

i await shahter's response telling us that, ackshually, no one understands russia! we have putin all wrong!

I haven't been hearing a whole lot from a Russian buddy on Steam about coronavirus over there, and I haven't really pressed. Normally he takes pride in his country and enjoys talking about it in a positive light. I think the last thing he had to say about covid-19 in Russia was "not good, my friend."
The X stands for
+1,752|5181|eXtreme to the maX
So tech giants are going to pay 15% tax, on 25% of their profits, on profits above a 10% profit margin.

So thats well under a 4% tax rate when they should be paying 20-30% corporate tax.

Who comes up with this stuff?

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