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I didn't mean it in a bad way. If you are gay be gay!

uziq wrote:

the thing is with golf courses is that it’s a no brainer. the game existed before on diverse wild lands. there’s no reason at all to create artificial oases in nevada.
I mean, sure. I don't think anyone has ever spoken in defense of golf's overall ecological impact. It's definitely a manifest symptom of well-to-do wastefulness. How are we going to ban these greens in areas not climatologically suited for it, though? Wealthy or ambitious politicians and their donors, who play golf, "let's bring the hammer down on or own thing." Unlikely.

The local golf courses, while they probably waste a lot of water during the summer months, are at least in a state closer to England latitudinally than to North Africa, and in an area notorious for copious rain. A bit less specifically locally than Scotland's (really rough) ~1500 mm, although some areas in the state exceed 2500 mm. I practically border a temperate rainforest. Sean Connery probably lurks there finding the cure for cancer under our very noses.

Side note: I have one of the area golf club's logos on a baseball cap when I know I'm going to be tooling around a yuppie town.
I am all that is MOD!

Most of the courses in socal use reclaimed (non-potable) water to irrigate. Still a waste of space and resources in an increasingly crowded area.

The county here just reclaimed a golf course that was technically city property but managed by a private corporation. The corporation tried to negotiate a more favorable lease agreement, so the city essentially took their ball and went home. The golf course will now become parkland. As a golfer who enjoyed playing that course, I say great!

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