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What a stupid fucking topic

BF2S has always been a hub for enlightened debate, hasn't it.

lowing wrote:

AussieReaper wrote:

What else other than saggers should the fashion police crack down on?
I didn't say anyone should crack down on anyone. It is an observation going toward the declination of our society. I want people to take responsibility for themselves show some respect, and find someone else to hero worship other thn gang bangers, and ex-cons.

saggers in the chat

In the middle of everything else that was going on in the world, people from Snopes to NPR ended up covering pantsgate.

I could have done without the closeups of his pelvic region in my news feed.
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jesus, the posters in this thread
looks like someones working on their medic badge
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
"Gen Z is made of zombies — less educated, more depressed, without values"
Each new school year Jeremy Adams, a teacher in Bakersfield, Calif., gives the same lesson. When he shows pictures of celebrities like Kendall Jenner or Miley Cyrus to his students on a screen, they immediately recognize them. But faced with photos of policymakers like Mike Pence or Nancy Pelosi, the children stare blankly.

That ignorance is no joke to Adams, he writes in his new book, “Hollowed Out: A Warning About America’s Next Generation” (Regnery Publishing), out now.

“We need to brace ourselves for what lies ahead. I write this book as an alarm bell . . . a project born out of worry, concern and frustration.”

A National Teacher of the Year nominee, Adams frets that today’s youngsters are “barren of the behavior, values and hopes from which human beings have traditionally found higher meaning . . . or even simple contentment.” Adams calls them “hollowed out,” a generation living solitary lives, hyperconnected to technology but unattached from their families, churches or communities. He cites statistics showing teen depression rose 63 percent from 2007 to 2017 while teen suicide grew 56 percent. Tragically, he writes, suicide has become the second-leading cause of death for the young. … alues/amp/

I was going to complain about the teacher taking part in "these kids nowadays" stuff but he is selling a book. The man is just trying to put food on his family. The real weirdness is the people who will buy and read this book. It is very cucked to be angry at people younger than you being happy. It's like an ugly person being jealous of pretty people who aren't even thinking about them.

I actually have a different take on "kids these days". Modern kids are a tough generation. Way tougher than Boomers. School shootings, social media bullying, terrorism, heroin epidemic, COVID, economic collapse, climate collapse...Kids today have a rough road ahead of them and the fact that they mostly get along fine by hanging out on their phones is a small miracle. The kids are alright.

I'm not sure that has a very fair focus. I'm pretty sure previous generations would recognize their stars but trip up on some of the members of government. Inability to reliably name cabinet members, legislators, justices, command staff from photos or policies is not limited to the younger generations.

I do know the rare boomer who can recite the presidents in chronological order (less for vice), but understanding the events and policies surrounding those presidents is even more rare. Which is more important?

Feels like this junk is usually aimed at older generations who want to be drenched in nostalgia, and nod along to the horrible things young people are "up to these days."

It does bother me that people post so much of their families' personal lives online these days, but more rather because of cybersecurity issues than "it's new and I don't understand it." If you're a kid now you don't really have a choice about having some sort of online presence. Your parents make that decision for you while you're still drooling onto a bib.
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Previous generations weren't assaulted with shitty political memes
The X stands for
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