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All nonsense again.

Furryism has been around in various noble forms all the way from this:

Through this:

Right up to this:

Its you guys who are weird frankly

Wholly out of context. This is kind of pathetic regardless of whether you're trolling or actually believe your own words. Even huge furry nerds say it's not old. I'd take their word over someone who at once conflates biblical myth with history but doesn't respect religion (or history).
The very model of a modern major general
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Are we going to pretend to accept that wearing furs = furry, as that argument suggests?
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
Which relationship would be more difficult to navigate? Dating a girl of a different race or dating a girl of your race but who also has cat ears, a tail, and occasional cat behavior?

A girl of a different race probably wouldn't poop in your shoes, although some people are probably into that.
haha dilbert really thinks shamanism, animism and pantheism are the same thing as 'furrydom'.

100% fruitcake.

also LOL at the guy who frequently animadverts against all non-white civilisations as 'backwards savages' who deserve to be left behind in history ... rushing to link some african or native americans or amazonian tribes in furs as a citation for 'a long and noble history'.


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