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Gone Forever

making fun of people for their names isn't going to age well.

Facebook has more mysterious information about me from an account I made under a fake name than it does my actual account. I was always getting emails about people I know or who may know me or whatever. Like how the hell did they tie a fake account with fake information to actual people I knew in college like 15-25 years ago? Best case scenario they finally figure out it's fake news and delete it.

One gal from college was I guess once and done with social media with a Google+ account. We had one of those really slow-burn cordial exchanges going on where one person will say a thing one year and the other will reply like 1-3 years later. I didn't use Google+ often, so it just naturally evolved into that.
I am all that is MOD!

Use the universal language of love, you Casanova you.

Make sure you let her know you would never support her holding political office in America due to her grasp of american english before you propose to her though.

She's smiling at you because she knows what you did in that broom closet last summer with the developmentally disabled intern and it's her natural way of showing disgust. It's probably more like a pained grimace, tbh.

Mac's self-censor strikes again.
do you ever wonder if he is clinically unwell?

The dog stories made me wonder, but I thought he was joking.
mmmf mmmf mmmf
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He hasn't asked to play aoe2 or halo in months

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