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When describing on which shelf something is located, how do you do it?

Count sequentially from the top0%0% - 0
Some inconsistent madness60%60% - 3
Relative (i.e. "3rd from the top")40%40% - 2
Count sequentially from the bottom0%0% - 0
Total: 5
The very model of a modern major general
+758|5603|United States of America
Settle an argument.
Go Cougs!
+638|5209|Washington St.
Top shelf
Second shelf
Third shelf
3rd from bottom
2nd from bottom
bottom shelf

So I guess "inconsistent madness"
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
Some inconsistent madness
The X stands for
+1,730|5024|eXtreme to the maX
Not even sure TBH, probably start from the top or bottom, whichever is nearest, then start at the left.

Second shelf down, first shelf from the bottom, middle shelf, that one there.

"#nd from the x," x being top or bottom depending on which is the closest. "Middle" if no difference. Very little confusion.

Just label them if you have to describe it a lot.

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