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I do think the original blade runner is turning the page into film history. I don't expect teenagers or early 20s people to have seen it. Same kinda goes for the matrix, it was released some 20 years ago now.
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
D you guys know how misinformed and ignorant the average teen is about anything? How about the average American adult? All of the people here who lived through the Matrix and did our background watching of Bladerunner didn't even buy this game. You know who bought a lot of the copies of this game? Stupid teenagers and their football brained parents. And Ghost in the Shell? I didn't even watch that and I put together plastic models of anime things.
this is such a pointless discussion. talking as if the average consumer and purchaser of cyberpunk is 14 years old or something. have you been to the cyberpunk subreddit? it's 30-something man children, same as most consumers for high-spec games thesedays. the average age of a 'gamer bro' is ageing with the generations. you're talking as if the intended audience for this game are gen-z tik-tokkers. online gamer people know what the fucking matrix is ffs. it's as embedded in popular culture as lord of the rings or harry potter.

And for the "young people," those a few years shifted past those old release dates have still often heard of a lot of this pop culture stuff. This stuff has taken on a life beyond the original product. Even the occasionally oblivious commenting on movies they've never watched will chime in with "I understand the meme now!"

Anecdotally, I understood references to movies 40 years my senior when I was still watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when that came out on TV. I watched movies.

Someone asks me "should I Star Wars?" with zero familiarity, I'm going to respond with a resounding no. Movie leads to confusion, confusion leads to disappointment.
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