I got out of the CoD loop after the second part, yeah the WWII one. I loved it but didn't like the direction that series took afterwards. How is it now? Which FPS title should I dive into as a single player, uninterested in multiplayer but looking for the feel of old title like first MoH and CoD? I dabbled a bit in Battlefield I and it was alright but I am not a fan of multiplayer and the single player campaign sucked.
So, any advice what could I play? And also what can I do to improve my aim?

There's a number of games that specifically market themselves as aim trainers you could google, or search on steam.

For shooter SP, I'd maybe casually recommend looking at Far Cry, Ghost Recon, Just Cause. I can't really think of a specifically COD/BF-like game at the moment with an organized single player campaign.
How could you not mention Doom or Doom Eternal? It improves your aiming and response time by a lot! I'd say go with this

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