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I would like to know how to get stable 60 FPS while playing Battlefield 2 HD Remastered?

I have also installed the "Heat of Battle" mod + ReShade.

My specs are : Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.50 GHz , Nvidia GT 520 1 GB , 8 GB DDR3 RAM.

Which video settings are optimal in-the game , and in Nvdia Control Panel, for good performance but and quality too?
SuperJail Warden
No one here uses that mod. Looking at your specs, upgrading your video card would be the way to go.

For $55 you can get a GT 720 that will almost double your performance and is guaranteed to fit and work off your PSU … 649vsm7768

For $85 You can get a GT 1030 which would be even better and also compatable with your system. … B071DY2VJR … 8vsm283726

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Thank you for replying,but currently I can't afford a better GPU,so I would please you to tell me which in-game settings and Nvidia Control Panel settings would be optimal for me?
To get the most of my hardware?

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What settings are on there? If you're not sure, bottom out your detail and then raise settings one by one. Save time by looking up each one you're unfamiliar with to estimate performance hit.

Generally speaking for games, I run at my monitor res and refresh, and downgrade or disable stuff like AA and various post as needed. The vsync toggle sometimes makes a difference, but isn't consistent across all titles.
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Thats all great, now how do I get BF2 remastered?
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