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so what is the deal with CPUs? I was always an avid Intel user but lately I hear voices that I should invest in AMD. Since I am looking at possible PC upgrade what should I do?
Also, what is the best medium grade CPU? If someone has about $300 to spend?
ryzen are the new king of the mid-range. there will likely be a new generation later this year, but AMD have promised to support current motherboard sockets for at least one more generation. so, depending on when you buy, it should still be good for the next 5 years or so.

i’d recommend something like a ryzen 3700X for all-round performance in that bracket. 8 cores and will eat up any gaming or multi core rendering you throw at it. the 3900X, with 12 cores, is a serious option if you do lots of streaming or content rendering.

if you only game or browse, the 3600/3600X will be fine for your needs, with 6 cores. you could save $100 in the process. but it’s really up to your own needs.

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