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unnamednewbie13 wrote:

Battlefield Citizen.

Speaking of, I love how after all these years and delays for Star Citizen, character creation is still barren. Gotta prioritize all those new premium ships I guess. I finally gave to friends' pressure and picked up a cheap one awhile back. I've seldom been more bored wandering around in an unfinished world.
I've been looking at getting it for ages, but never bothered to.
Now I actually have a computer that's capable of playing it, I've considered it again, but think I'll just wait at least until the single player bit is actually released.
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hey guys, I have china phone, without google services, so I don't know this is the last version of game or need to update ?
+2,053|6818|PNW as of 2018 Dec 20 (Google Play). I can't speak for other sources, so won't recommend them.
So, has any progress been done on Squad? I remember enjoying PR back in the days, and am thinking about getting back into a similar game.

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