Russian warship, go fuck yourself
+2,053|6608|Little Bentcock
Anyone play or follow it?
The oldest chav in the world
+2,423|6659|Cardiff, Capital of Wales
Ive been to the Premier League a few times and its the best school night out Ive ever had.  The crowd are like a football crowd and people walk up selling beers meaning you dont need to get out your seat.

If you get the chance to go to a PDC event, go, its well worth the money
+1,338|6160|Sydney | ♥

one hundred aaNND EIIGHTYYYYYYYyyyyyy
everything i write is a ramble and should not be taken seriously.... seriously.
Aye up duck!
+440|6695|England. Stoke
Probably going to play tonight (play about once a week) I'm shit but good enough to compete with my mates who are also shit, so it's fun.
Need to get to some heavier darts though, the ones i have are like 5 grams to light for me.
Although I reckon if I practice enough I reckon I'll be the best player to come from Stoke
Russian warship, go fuck yourself
+2,053|6608|Little Bentcock
I have 23gms atm which are nice
I do. I have Viper Shot King dartboard. I dont play it competitively tho, only with friends after a beer or two ^^

I don't even know the rules of the game. But it's still easy to impress people by adding a flip or two to the dart.

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