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The wireless dongle for the Steam controller is pretty bad too. The pads are also pretty loud and clacky. The double touchpad is its real practical saving grace, but I find myself going back to the 360 controller for titles that are better with a gamepad. The Big Picture mode the thing recommends you use is pretty awkward, and Steam's UI isn't very agile to begin with.

Ironically, I spent the rest of the unboxing weekend playing Titanfall 2 on Origin with a mouse and keyboard.
Dreads & Bergers
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The best controller I've used so far on PC has been the XBox One Elite controller.  It's obviously very expensive but it's extremely comfortable and more durable than regular XBox One controllers and shaped better than the 360 controller.  They still haven't updated it with the Bluetooth capability that the new white controllers have though, and those by the way feel like cheap garbage, I bought one for a laptop and everything about it feels flimsier and sloppier than the original XBox One controllers.
SuperJail Warden
Look like bethesda made bioshock in space

looks cool. will wait for review etc. some of the weapons look like what i would have expected in a new half life

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