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SuperJail Warden wrote:

It is interesting reading all of the talk about the new AMD CPUs coming out. I am just sitting here wondering what is there to be hyped about? What games are out there right now that make being an early adopter of a new series worth it? The bench markers use games like Metro Last Light and Witcher to test the CPUs. Those games came out in 2015. Do you need 20 more FPS in Witcher that badly?
Competition is good. Especially in the CPU market which is Intel dominated.

Don't you want cheaper hardware?
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
I own AMD stock. I am talking about the current state of gaming
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People are not simply being hyped about CPUs because of gaming... It's because the new AMD CPUs show equal or better performance for a substantial cheaper consumer price. It's market competition, which hasn't occurred in the CPU market in an effective way in a long time.

Look where the Ryzen 7 comes in, and look at the intel costs around it.

So it's not so much being early adopters, but highlighting the power to cost ratio, and the effect it will hopefully have on CPU costs in the future.
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SuperJail Warden wrote:

I own AMD stock. I am talking about the current state of gaming
wait till VR games come out
VR is not going to replace decent gaming.
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VR is not going to happen any time soon, imo. not as a kind of entertainment anyway. it's not really possible to fool the brain by projecting images into the eyes - an actual neural interface is going to be needed for that.
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