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The Obama era is over the next month. How do you rate his time in office?

For me,

Foreign policy: C

He completely lost the middle east to Russia and Iran. With the election of Trump, Russia may have everything it needs to terrorize eastern Europe into submission. But he reestablished relations with Cuba and didn't start a ground war someplace.

Domestic policy: B+

He expanded the social safety net and oversaw the economic recovery. The economy may not be the best right now but it was in total free fall in Jan. 2009 and could have ended worse. Gay and civil rights were defended but he was unable to get the right wing to go along with the democrat agenda. We ended up with Trump though a majority of voters did not vote for him.
The very model of a modern major general
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It remains to be seen. I'm sure he'd look like a right dickhead if Iran decides they want to continue pursuing nukes in secret. A lot of it just does need time to pass for us to see if it has positive consequences or not. Just as well, it won't be very consequential if Day 1 the Republicans want to roll back all his accomplishments out of petty partisanship.
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Foreign policy B - No new wars started, has done a little to stand up to China and Israel.

Domestic Policy - Don't care really, seems to have handed the election on a plate to a psychopathic man-baby which will have an impact on future foreign policy, so I suppose C.
Epstein didn't kill himself
Germans did 911
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D- Did nothing promised in election speeches, changed next to nothing and only notable thing was the ACA which was a steaming pile of underwhelming bullshit.
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Did he even visit Australia? I can't remember.
Epstein didn't kill himself

Dilbert_X wrote:

Did he even visit Australia? I can't remember.
yeah he cucked gillard's partner. secret service wouldnt let the hairdresser into his own house haha.

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