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Game cartridges are back boys

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edit: I dunno, maybe I'm old and don't get it ...
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Neat idea, execution remains to be seen.

I will probably really like it 3 years from now when I first play it at a friends house.
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever

Looks like the Deadpool logo got a case of derp-eye.
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
My sister and her boyfriend both bought one. It is pretty cool. I like how the remotes come off so you can play a split screen game with someone next to you.

Is it worth $300? Maybe. It feels like a better buy than a PS4 or Xbox. You can take this with you somewhere and get someone involved in it with you. That is worth more than a box that plays Halo or a new video card to squeeze just a few more fps out of CSGO
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Try licking one of the game cartrigdes.

Pass. Glitchy first iteration, bad docking station, cheap plastic, weak kickstand, weird bendy modular feel, arthritis-inducing controller, new Zelda available on Wii U. I don't understand why Nintendo feels it can't provide a gamepad that fits inside a human hand with the console itself. If they want to save on cost, maybe stop trying to cram secondary screens into everything.

Because f*ck you that's why.
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I bought one on launch day with the intent of selling it because Nintendo always has shortages and such.  After having it sit in the box it was shipped in for over a week, decided to keep it and unboxed it.  As a handheld device, it's pretty dope.  As a console, it's pretty shitty. I'll mainly only use it as a bigger 3DS.
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I bought mine at release, the hype was too strong. Broke after two days of using - screen is all white no matter what is happening with the console. Didn't even get to any of the mini bosses in Botw, lame. Gonna wait like a month until they send me a working one.

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