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OS - Windows 7
Browser - Latest Firefox
Flash - Latest

As stated, I don't know what happened from earlier this evening, but for some reason I can't play flash animations/games, and more importantly, Pandora.

I have tried uninstalling using flash's uninstaller, restart, and reinstall. Did nothing.

Before this whole fiasco happened, it was up to date to the latest version.

Also when I used the uninstaller, I reopened Firefox plugins to see if it was still installed, and it said it had a NPSWF32.dll file is still there with flash still installed. After I restarted it said that file was still there, but when I did a search for it on my computer, nothing pops up. and the only help I can find with google is that I need to delete that file to make it work, but it isn't in the plugins folder like it should be and doing a search from the start menu shows nothing.

I don't know wtf happened to Firefox and flash after playing Blacklight Retribution for 2 hours, but is apparently not being happy right now.

Hopefully I dont have to uninstall firefox to try to figure out wtf is going on, buuuut.....

I have looked some more and found a thing about someone have the plugin-container.exe start when you go to a site that has a flash object, and it starts a bunch of them and crashes.

Well, I have the same thing, it starts about 5 different plugin-container.exe's and my mouse pointer has a little "thinking" circle, then they all disappear. However mine doesn't crash. Where the flash video/animation should be, its just a white box, no error or anything from Firefox either.

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Can't help with flash, but there are a few good standalone non-flash pandora clients out there you could use instead.
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Apparently all I had to do was tell flash to be in unprotected mode, and a few other people are having this issue too.

Whadafuc Firefox?

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