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I get this horrible feeling I'm about to find out exactly how Indiana Jones fans felt when Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was released.

Jurassic Park was "that" movie for me. Where others have Star Wars or Back to the Future or Indiana Jones, I have Jurassic Park. I even learned how to play the theme on the piano when I was ten and 17 years later it's the only thing I can still play. And okay, Lost World certainly didn't live up to the original and JP3 was if anything bad but I had high hopes for this next one.

Unfair to base it on the trailer maybe but it looks stale, cookie-cutter, directed by accountants, and from what I can work out of the plot from the trailer, stupid. A new genetically modified dinosaur? From the franchise that cast Dilophosaurus as a three foot tall poison-spitting frilled lizard and Velociraptors as four to five times their actual size? Seems pretty pointless don't you think?

Also it's pretty telling that none of the original actors are involved, (except BD Wong, five points if you can tell me who he played.) Instead we get generically handsome actor-du-jour Chris Pratt as "Owen Nolastname, Velociraptor guy." Nothing against him but he's a blank state with which movie studios get to project movie hero clich├ęs on to. Basically the chance there will be a scene where he punches a dinosaur in the face is very high. Also I really hope that scene with him riding the motorbike isn't showing that there is such a thing as tame Velociraptors.

They're not even getting John Williams to do the score, instead opting for someone else who's apparently going to base the score on the original theme. They wouldn't do that shit with Star Wars, (and haven't.)

Hope I'm wrong and I know I'm being a miserable self-important git about this. At the end of the day dinosaurs so maybe it will be enjoyable. The director apparently is not terrible though he's never been tested on a big studio blockbuster before, (not necessarily a bad thing, see Peter Jackson.)
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Real dinosaurs are awesome/scary enough, why do the need to go making up new ones?

Also why do people still make dino parks when clearly they didn't work out as shown by the previous 3. And even more so why are people still going?
I am all that is MOD!

Is it directed by Speilberg? No. It's probably not going to be as good as the first one.  Hollywood has gone the "create sequels to original blockbusters because they are more predictable revenue streams" for years now.  Don't get your hopes up

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