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its fun

I just wish more of it involved using those rails to move around.
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The rails were one of the things I hated the most tbh.  They always confused the arrow when you got lost and they were also frequently found in places you were likely to get lost in already, such as if there were multiple places to go from one area.  I never felt like they gave much of an advantage either except for getting away from handymen quickly

The girl got stuck on one of those once and I went through the remainder of the level hearing my guy reply to her distance-muted comments.

But I liked using the rails. Unload a bunch of rounds while sliding towards a crowd, then hop off and kick the last survivor into the void. The rest of the game kind of feels like any other shooter, only with a fancy skybox.
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Just finished it!

Spoiler (highlight to read):
Towards the end of the game when I was going through Comstock's house and airship I had that gut feeling that this was the climax and the ending would be coming up pretty soon.  In the back of my mind I was wondering if I was going to get to see Rapture.  Then it happened!  hoooooly shit that was awesome.  Especially the lighthouse sequence.  The final baptism scene wasn't exactly what I would call a letdown, but it felt pretty abrupt.  not sure what I think of it at this point.  But overall, the ending was excellent.

As for the game itself, I think it surpassed the first Bioshock in almost every way.  Aside from getting the steampunk looking weapon upgrades, I really don't know why they took those out and replaced it with some generic vending machine crap.  It was really cool having a normal looking tommy gun at the beginning and turning it into a vacuum powered laser tube or whatever by the end.

I thought the factions were well done.  Nothing beats a boss battle against a hooded KKK grand wizard with magic crows coming out of his hands.  Finkton and Shantytown were nice additions, it was a powerful contrast going from bright and sunny small town America and then going into a Gilded-age factory hell hole.  I liked the fact that the game didn't really expect you to take a side, kind of like Children of Men, you're just kind of an apathetic bystander trying to get the hell out of there.

The voice acting blows every other game out of the water.  The first person with a voice took a while to get used to at first, but as I saw more of Booker I eventually came to feel like a part of his body.  What he was saying in the game is what you were supposed to be thinking.  I was skeptical about it when watching the trailers but it made for a much better experience than having just a silent protagonist.  The chemistry between the player and Elizabeth, the atmosphere of the setting and the pacing between action/cutscenes were all top notch.

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I've still got to finish it. It was one of those things where I was glued to the screen for awhile, and then never launched again.
Gulf coast redneck hippy
+731|5204|Tampa Bay Florida
Ha, ya I know that feeling.  I played it pretty much straight through for like 6 hours a day 3 days in a row 2 weeks ago, then had other things to do.  Turns out I was only a couple hours from the end this whole time.
Mass Media Casualty

Finally got around to playing this. I had forgotten what it was like to play a game that reminded me why I enjoy gaming. I fucking loved it. Way up there on my 'best of all time' list.

Also I think it justified why I never warmed to Bioshock, (the first one.) Don't get me wrong I loved the environment, the creatures, and some of the characters and it had a pretty awesome twist, but it all existed for its own sake. Once you moved past the 'Atlas Shrugged' references there wasn't  much to it. The ending was also awful. It all combined to make a good game but one I felt ultimately disappointed by as it seemeed to be hinting at something more yet never really delivered. I was in the minority but I think Infinite has vindicated me a bit as it shows what could have been. Not only does Infinite have the amazing environments, characters, creatures, etc. it has a much better, deeper, and more thought-provoking story and universe.
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finished this one about a week ago. i love this game, everything about it was just great for me - visuals, presentation, story and characters, weapons, tactics, enemy encounters, the variety among those things. the combat was a little clunky, but all in all - a solid ten out of ten from me.

replaying it now to catch more things, references and nuances.
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