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Mutantbear wrote:

mtb0minime wrote:

I hope that stuttering fix has to do with vsync. Either I turn on vsync and shit stutters when I strafe. Or I turn it off and get more tearing than... I don't know... but it tears a lot.
you just described the point of having vsync on or off
yeah but in other shits when i turn on vsync i don't get all the stuttering, nor do i get tearing. dxhr is being all meta and giving me a moral choice: tearing or stuttering.
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Anybody waiting to get this game, now's your chance: Steam has it on sale for $7.49, and the entire Deus Ex bundle is only $14.99.  I'm thinking about completing the collection myself by getting the Missing Link DLC for 3 dollars and quarters, it's the only thing I don't have.

There has also been a port of this game to Mac in the last few months by a company called Feral, we'll see if it ever makes it to Steam for Mac but it's worth noting in any case

is there a storage container somewhere that i can leave items until i need them later? i know about the safe in the apartment but i can't put things in there.

Just drop it on the floor. Your apartment is one giant container.

I know, it annoys me too.

I've got a screenshot buried somewhere of my own DE:HR apartment. I'd hate to see it inspected by health & safety. Piles of medicine, explosives, ammunition, rocket launchers, etc.

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