Hey guys, I just reinstalled BF1942 retail on my PC, installed all the updates and went to go play some multiplayer but it wouldnt let me join half the servers, it says connecting but doesnt load then brings me back to the main menu and says "failed to connect to server"

My question why wont it let me join most of the servers, do I need to use an older update like vanilla etc.

I also saw a server that had 128 players, what is up with that?

thank for any info posted


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They made 1942 free on Origin. It's my understanding that the free origin version and the original retail version are not compatible and cannot be played on the same servers.

If you want to play you might as well download the free version and give that a go.
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Note that the expansion packs are not available on Origin and the retail ones do not work with the base game.
At least not without fiddling around. … ?t=3005394

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