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Uzique The Lesser
anyone have any idea what this is about? my computer, when connected to the internet via an ethernet cable, about 5-6 times per day will start 'timing out' when browsing the web. the connection is still 'active', and i can still do things like chat on steam friends, search p2p networks, etc. but my web browser will start giving me 'connection to the server timed out' messages. only way to fix it is to unplug and replug my ethernet cable in - and wala, it's back on, instantly.

i've looked at my LAN settings for my router and can't see anything that suspicious. DCHP is enabled and i've set the lease time on my connection to auto-renew quite regularly. really can't figure out why it is doing this.

If there's more than one active PC on that network, they will occasionally try to use the same IP.

start -> control panel -> network & internet -> network & sharing center -> connections * local area connection ->
popup opened ->
properties -> internet protocol version 4 (select) -> properties -> use the following ip address [select] ->
...and then think of something clever to put into

You could use the last three to designate computer number if you really wanted. I'd stick around to see if this is relevant to your problem, but I've got to drive up to Redmond today and am already starting out a bit late as far as traffic is concerned.
Uzique The Lesser
thanks. fired that up and entered a manual ipv4 address. copied the normal ip address from my cmd/ipconfig but then gave it a jazzy custom last 3 digits, as suggested. i had a feeling it was something 'clashing' or some port being in conflict, because it was pretty much only my web-browsing protocol that was timing out. looking at my router menu though it seemed as if all the known devices on my home network had separate DCHP + MAC addresses and whatnot (not to mention it starts timing out even when no other web-devices in the household are even active/in use).

it's a minor grievance, as the router is literally within hands reach, but something i'd prefer to sort anyway.


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Fission Mailed

What DNS server(s) are you using?

Edit: I gotta head out for about 30 minutes. If you aren't using Google's public DNS servers, try them instead of your ISP's name server.

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Uzique The Lesser
thank you.

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