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uuuum, nah. pretty funny that the dude who plays the crazy puritan cop in boardwalk empire is the badguy, though.

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sorry you feel that way
I really didn't expect it to turn out good especially considering this movie is the umpteenth effort at recycling a superhero (and I'm kinda done with that now), but judging from the trailer their interpretation is interesting to say the least.

Not to say that I'm expecting a great story or anything, it's still a hollywood flick, but I like what I'm seeing.
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at worst will still 1000% better than the Christopher Reeves ones.

So yeah nobody's talking about this movie anymore. Was it that forgettable? Because I certainly hear Christopher Reeves' Superman come up in comic book movie conversation a lot.
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More like Uzique being critical of it at the rate movie thread

Personally I give a 7/10 on average, I'm torn on how to rate, best I can give is a 7.5/, wasn't worse than a 6.5/10, though

I liked the new Superman character, Zod, and the other Kryptonians. Also liked the world of Krypton before it was destroyed. Superman's biological father was also awesome. Oh and I'm glad Superman's new suit lacks the red underwear(I didn't notice it until someone online made a comment about that, SO I WASN'T LOOKING AT THAT AREA!)

Spoiler (highlight to read):
I really don't agree with the people who were mad with superman killing zod, didn't superman kill  Zod in Superman 2(powerless by the way) AND in the comics? "BUT, BUT, BUT, SUPERMAN DOESN'T KILL," well neither would he watch Zod angrily kill all of humanity because he refuses to kill Zod.

And to the morons mad at Superman because his fight with the other Kryptonians resulted in the death of thousands of humans, would over 7 billion people dead be better for you?
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It's been awhile since I've seen Superman 2, but I thought he stuck Zod in that dimension prison, or was that the beginning of the movie and they were breaking out?

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