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pirana6 wrote:

Not saying it's impossible
besides, nothing is lost, you'll just have some work ahead of you. and by "work" i mean watching a progress bar go slowly across your screen as you move jigawatts of files
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_j5689_ wrote:

What version is Hirens on now?

Cheez wrote:

This was caused by a change in your hard drive controller.

If you wish to do this in the future, get a Hirens Live CD and run the registry tool within it to reset Windows to a generic hard drive controller, thus able to boot again.

Install new Chipset drivers. Done.

Edit: Set your motherboard to IDE when booting the Hirens disc as it's based on XP, change back to ACHI when booting back to 7.
Can attest to this ... this tool is nothing less than magic.

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