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My i7 920 is finally showing signs of wear after being overclocked to 4.2ghz for 3 years, I've underclocking it but I still freeze up in games. It has been watercooled in addition to my 3x 7970s reference design flashed to GHz edition.

With either platform, I am looking to overclock to 5Ghz.

I'm looking at the 3770k $250 vs the 3820 $270; and also the Maximus V extreme $370 and the Rampage IV Extreme $430.

Which one would be best to pair with my 7970s? Im considering the cheaper Z77 platform as it is the cheapest route with the highest overclockability and the differences in lanes for the PCIe are the same, but the Z77 supports PCIe 3.0. But with Ivy bridge E coming out soon in 2013 and support for PCIe 3.0, should I just get a 3820, then upgrade it to a hexa core Ivy Bridge E?
Do you anything that would really benefit from a hex-core? if not I'd say go Z77 and save some $$$.  That said you likely won't get 5 Ghz (temps are the big hold back for most due to Intel not using solder for the IHS on Ivy) from Ivy but you will still be able to get high 4's which will beat a 5Ghz Sandy chip

2600K: $320 (feh, you'd think it would be lower by now)
3770K: $320
3820: $300

I would probably go for the 3770K if you're looking at overclocking. If you want LGA2011 and decent overclocks, I'm guessing the 3930K, but $570. 6-core? Skip, unless you have applications that will take advantage of it.

I've went through the "build now or wait for the next thing to come out" trap several times and have never really learned to avoid it. When I'm in the PC building mood, I just see stars. When I'm not, I'm more reasonable and figure "screw the future shit, because it'll all be outdated as this shit in the few following months."
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3820 isn't actually as good as you'd think it'd be, more a number cruncher than a high-fps cpu. Go 3770k.
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3930K or 3820 and upgrade to IB-E as soon as it launches. Seeing you have tri-fire HD7970s don't even pretend going for bang for buck. X79 is what you want for anything higher than SLI/CF.

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