Hey all...

I'm looking for an experienced battlefield 2 server administrator with knowledge of how to setup BF2CC, for rcon or daemon.

The gaming community I help maintain, has a battlefield 2 demo server that is attracting quite a bit of popularity.  We tend to run it just because we have extra resources on our machine.  But due to this popularity, we need bf2cc setup and installed so that we can assign powers to our Clan Members to help monitor the server, etc.  I've heard bf2cc isn't all that difficult to install... but the other leader and myself do not have time to sit down and get it running.  We both work, and we're in school as well. 

-Basically all we need done is bf2cc installed and operational so that we can edit map rotation, etc etc.  Once the task is complete, you will be paid and then we will contact you if we need any other things done later on, separate jobs of course.

-Solid knowledge of BF2cc.  How to install, troubleshoot, setup, etc.
-General knowledge of battlefield 2
-Ability to communicate with us via Teamspeak.  (mic preferred, but not required)
-Some knowledge of Windows Server 2008 R2
-And other general server skills, etc

This is a paid position.  Don't expect $100.. but we can work something out.  We're not a rich community...


If you are interested, please PM me. 

Thank you all for your time,

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