Pendulous Sweaty Balls
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So you're chilling with your boys when you realize you need to get your brewski on because you can't enjoy a good lax game without a good buzz going. You drive down to the liquor store and are instantly paralyzed by the options available. But you're no ordinary bro, you're a lax bro, and you choose Coors Light because you know it'll give you exactly what you want.

The flavor is unmistakable, and it has in fact been called the most refreshing beer in the world, perhaps because it is almost entirely water. The low ABV ensures that you'll be f4d3d without getting alcohol poisoning, which would totally kill your flow.

But hey, what if this liquor store sucked and sold warm beer? You'd have to cool it off in the fridge. But if you're a true br0 then your hands are going to be occupied with a lax stick and a broad, meaning you can't open the fridge and touch a can or bottle to see if it's cold. What's a br0 to do? Utilize the cold strips on the container, that's what! Coors decided to fix this age-old problem by putting two stripes on the bottle. The first one says "COLD" and it turns blue when it's cold. The second one says "SUPER COLD" and it turns blue when it's super cold. Two blue stripes are more like two thumbs up, an authorization to enjoy this fine beverage, perhaps while eating some crabs or hoagies.

So bottoms up br0sk1s, here's to lacrosse and J. Crew and Coors Light!

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umd lax team is better than yales thus your college is more frat/bro/douchey rich kids

Also, Hurricane, I write a serious review of a beer and you feel compelled to mock it? Have you lost all sense of decency?
Feeding the Cats.
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Your review was hardky serious. You were just being your usual 'look at me i drink beer' lame self.
for a fatty you're a serious intellectual lightweight.
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Not in the least. You'll note the thorough review of multiple aspects of beer and the refined approach to assessing its quality. If you lack the facility with the English language to comprehend what I wrote, then that's an issue with you being from Scotland, not with the content of my post.

Trolling used to mean something
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Yeah, Hurri has shown a distinct lack of effort as of late.
I am all that is MOD!

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