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[Spec-Ops] was created in 2005 and has seen continued growth with several new divisions. We are recruiting mature individuals 14 and older. With a mix of gamers, from the serious to the more casual, we are a community, or as we call it, a family with members all over the globe. Stop by, hop on TS and play a few rounds and consider joining us.

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Doctor Strangelove
Real Battlefield Veterinarian.
This is your first time here so I have a tip for you.

Blue text is very hard to read on this site. Try just normal white next time.
There is.
+1,380|6747|Devon, England
Fuck, ain't seen an edge glow like those in a long time.
[Spec-Ops] Opresser
Thanks on the colour tips! I've tryed Yellow, seams to work well!
Dark Infiltrator
Did you guys used to play in the Enemy Down ladder?

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