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There is.
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What do people use to hear about their favourite bands and their tours? is where I get a lot of tickets and that has the option to update me about favourite artists, but I don't wanna spend ages adding all the bands I like.

I'd like something that just scans my music library and works with that. Google tells me that something called SongKick does this, but I was wondering what everyone else uses.
why i still have my myspace.    ive always dreamed of something like this
There is.
+1,380|5374|Devon, England
I just test-searched a few obscure bands on that site, and it has past events going back to 1997, as well as current dates, so maybe that is what I'm looking for and it won't let me down.

Works in conjunction with, I believe. Also, Pandora and iTunes.

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I'd been wondering about this recently, and some kind internet person lead me to Songkick. I'm pretty happy with it so far, so I'd recommend it.

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