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I know a lot of you here are experts on video making and I'm hoping to have a few (noob) questions answered.

I finally got around to using fraps to record some of my games and managed to put them together into a pretty decent (I think) montage. However, when I compress the video and upload it to youtube, the quality becomes absolutely horrible. Even when I watch it in 720p. (See below). I know there is a way to make it a lot better than what I am getting, I just don't know how.

Can anyone provide a quick explaination or a guide on how to upload to youtube with good quality. I am using Sony Vegas and Virtual Dub. I record in Fraps at 60fps half size.


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What filetype/render settings are you using in Vegas?
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I am rendering as .avi and used the lowest 1080p setting.

I have a feeling the problem is because I recorded in half size in fraps. From now on I am going to use full size.

These are the settings I used last time I needed to upload something to YouTube:

It came out pretty good, it wasn't a game recording though
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definitely the half size issue

always match the sony vegas project properties size to the size of the recording.

otherwise it starts scaling shit up and down and quality drops like a stone.

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