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How addicted to BF2 are U?

Cant stay away from the dam thing35%35% - 114
Play consistantly, say... 1 hour a day43%43% - 139
Just at the weekends6%6% - 22
Once a week for a short while2%2% - 9
I play it every now and again8%8% - 28
Whats BF2? Never played that b4...3%3% - 10
Total: 322
I play around 10 hours a week...
+22|5842|England, UK
Bf2 is actually a very addictive game. Well it can be with medals n' shit sometimes. ..but that's why i like it, i just play when i'm bored.. But when i played cnc gens, mohaa i used to get realli into it the competition n the leagues etc.

..and WoW.. i won't even dare pay that. Or i'd probably not see daylight for a year. lol
I Like Waffles.
20+ hours a week, i have no life
Cool member
i was totally addicted for a while, playing ever chance i had, leaving work early so i could play more, phoning in sick every once in a while to get some extra hours so i could get my next rank.

think thought once i got to my current rank, and getting pretty much all of the medals/ribbons/badges which were available to me, i no longer get the urge to play as much. mainly just for fun now in my spare time.maybe once i reach the higher ranks and get more hours clocked up, then i might become addicted again.

I have put on 8 pounds since I bought the game.
The New Johnnie Cochran
I used to play more than I do now, but my classes are starting to get to me. Now its more like 1 hour every other day and maybe 3 each day on the weekends.
Addicted enough to have joined
+10|5953| Going Feral
I put down for the weekends, since that's what it has been.  But starting May 1st, I won't be taking college classes and then I'll be moving up a step, heh heh.  Watch out people
Waste Kid
I once played from 10am to 5 am the next day, must of killed some brain cells:P

PoP wrote:

I once played from 10am to 5 am the next day, must of killed some brain cells:P

oberst_enzian wrote:

i used to play everyday, but all the whining (at least in ther servers i can play on with decent ping) have made me go and rediscover my other games, like Day of Defeat, which I play just as much as this now...
If DOD had rank it might be all I would play
Support fanatic :-)

On and off, can play 30+ hours one week and nothing the next (yeah right)

My oldest son puts in some hours also (11 years old), but i generally put in to much time - its addictive but i dont mind, this will i`m sure be remembered as one of the great games :-)
Wait behind the line ..............................................................
I try to play everyday (ok, had a little down time for a couple of months), just to gain a couple of points (about 100 to 200)... pretty addicted, but not THAT addicted
+22|5926|Sharqi Peninsula
This game is like crack to me.  It got me of cigarettes, lol, kept my mind off the withdrawal.  I have school so I can play it some on weekdays but on weekends I play all day now since I quit my job.  Summer is going to be like 5-7 hours per day.  Hope to be a 2nd Lt. by my senior year, which is next year! WOOT!  Anyways, if you want to play with me PM me and we can set something up.
+3,135|5916|The Hague, Netherlands

I played this game often, now i didn't had much time to play it but now i'm going to catch up again(1,5 hours a day), I still find it fun, so i will play it the coming weeks/months i gues.
Well, BF2 hasn't got me of nothing to be honoust (smoking more: stress level decreasing... Drink more: strangely for a better aim and relaxation )

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Press 1 to Kill
+81|5832|Westminster, Colorado
I cleaned up my computer room 2 days ago and found my copy of Half Life 2.  I never played the Lost Coast add on level so I reinstalled it.  I thought I was addiced to BF2, but took a break for a couple nights and went back to HL2.  Not sure why, but it's been a nice breather.  Too bad HL2 is so freaking easy now since I can dolphin dive the enemies and get headshots with the pistol. 

I'll be back on BF2 soon enough.
Its summer time and spend 2 hours a day
eleven bravo
+1,399|4437|foggy bottom
I chose all options
Tu Stultus Es
War Man
Australians are hermaphrodites.
+562|5892|Purplicious Wisconsin
Null the necroed thread, don't play it anymore.
The irony of guns, is that they can save lives.
11 Bravo
+965|4415|Cleveland, Ohio
old game is old

liquidat0r wrote:


Me = just at the weekends

more like everyday and all night for about a year
War Man
Australians are hermaphrodites.
+562|5892|Purplicious Wisconsin

11 Bravo wrote:

old game is old
The irony of guns, is that they can save lives.
so yeah. closed

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