Back in the days before DVD burners, i would convert DVD rips into divx and burn them on CD. For my wife's laptop, i would just copy the files and the codecs straight on. It was a multi-step process, and most of the software was free, because it wasn't exactly legal.

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6349036/Catalyst%20splash.PNGToday that's changed, and there are plenty of companies that convert files into formats for portable devices. DVD Catalyst is one that i'm using now, and there's a big difference in the IQ of today's programs, versus the multitude of A/V specific programs i've used in the past.

The interface is simple and clean. Under the hood is an engine that requires very little user intervention,
and after converting 15 movies so far, it requires no other software or codecs be installed.


The reason it's important to note, because i'm on a clean Win 7 install - i haven't reinstalled the codecs since i bought an SSD.
And now i don't intend to, because DVD Catalyst converts every file i've loaded into it, and outputs an MP4, and more specifically,
a file optimized for a 10" tablet.


i just converted a 2 hour movie in 16 minutes, wide screen DVD resolution, for a file i couldn't watch natively.
If you're looking for a smaller file size, i've found it typically doesn't happen, unless you are radically downsizing the resolution. but it is
supported after a conversion, and the program comes with presets for specific devices and specific bitrates.

For a $10 program, that works as advertised, and offers support for nearly all your latest hardware (computer, phones, tablet PC's), i highly recommend.

Or, you can still download a half dozen freeware apps, Google how to convert, install codecs, and invest more time and effort than a typical movie lasts.


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Handbrake is a good, free, alternative.
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tazz. wrote:

Handbrake is a good, free, alternative.
if i recall Tazz, with Handbrake - do you need the codecs installed to do the conversion?
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I'll take proper encoding over one click encoding any day
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Sweet, I'll take one copy please.
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