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I know imma noob but what the difference between the fx-55 with the clawhammer and the san diego core?

San Diego … de=80723-R

Claw Hammer … de=80723-5

The difference i see that with the sandiego core is FSB is at 1MHz. The Claw Hammer say intergarted into chip. Some of teh other chips have teh same thing also. I saw someting about hyper treading and it effecting FSB. And the claw hammer is 0.13 Micron. I thought all slots 939 90nm.

Im just confused......

And when will the new Chipsets come out...AM2...duo........will there be about b4 vista.......

Will it even be worth it considering the new technology will be over priced and under utilized???

Because I wanna get a new system when DirectX10 comes out and I wanted to know if current technology with just a nvidia 8 series card. Or will it be better go 2 duo and am2.
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AM2 is coming out May 15th.  It has little performance increase over X2.  I've heard AM2's release will drop prices of X2 down a lot. 

The only reason I can see to wait and purchase a 8 series card is if you're planning on upgrading to Vista, which will be garbage. 

Right now is a horrible time to upgrade, unless you just want to purchase a 64 3700 and a 7600GT. 

With AM2 coming out in like 3 days and conroe coming out in like 4 weeks, I think everyone who plans on upgrading or building a new computer should wait. 

I currently don't have a gaming computer, so I'm waiting to purchase one.

I think my plan will be buying a X2 4400 when the price drops and purchasing a 7900GT. 

Only problem with this I can see is that 939 will be outdated fast because of AM2 and I will be heated when the 8 series comes out and kills the 7900GT. 

I don't plan on upgrading to Vista, and I heard the 8 series DX10 cards will only fully be supported with Vista.

Right now the 64 3700 is the best bang for you buck, or if you multitask get the X2 4400, if you need a video card purchase the 7900GT.

Instead of thinking about all this crap I should just order my computer from newegg today but in a month I'll be kicking myself. 

Here is a AM2 pricing guide.

The AM2 X2 4400 is priced at $469

The 939 X2 4400 on newegg is $460

On May 15th the 939 X2 4400 on newegg should drop significantly, I wonder how much... Place your bets!

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