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Downloaded the patch from 3 different sites, same bullshit

Been trying to install it since Tuesday, and i'm ready to snap.

At first, the patch would not even run. Windows would ask if I would like to run the .exe, click yes, and then it would hang and do nothing

Restarted, changed some shit, now, after it hanging for about 5 minutes or more, the window comes up to choose what language, click english, and then get the error message "You already have a newer version installed".

... I have 1.41 currently installed, I just loaded Bf2 and jumped into a few of the remaining servers still running 1.41 to make sure.

WTF... I'm currently downloading patch 1.41 so I can do a fresh install if none of you have any ideas.
Find your center.

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Ya, I'm having the same issue. Luckily I have 1.41 still on my computer. So I patched to that, tried running 1.5, got an install issue about some file not matching, and now i'm patching to 1.41 again and will run another 1.5 i downloaded. Hope it works. Or I'll snap with you.

I think I know how LT feels:

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Hey Lt. Victim
What settings did you change
So far i set Windows 7 so that it wouldnt even Dim the screen and have the pop up window asking me to allow.

But after clicking the exe file, it just pops up asking me to Run, i select yes, but nothing ever happens. Ive allowed it to idle for a maximum of one hour once, nothing happens.

Ive downloaded from FilePlanet, right now im downloading from Big Downlods...please help
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