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Oh that is good i might add.....that i kill more of my team mates than the enemy.....

shhhhh dont tell any1 please....i'm still trying to figure these claymors out....
Pie rulz!!!
Yeah aint that the truth.

There is a big red skull and crossbones there and all the noobs run strait for it, hoping for a TK punish
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wow, this sums up my battlefield 2 gaming experience.
Losing. This is perhaps not applicable to many of you, but my god, it seems that someone has it in for me. Of late, I seems to always end up on the losing side, ALWAYS. I don't mind having a good game and losing, but losing round after round gets to you/me, especially when the 'match winners' from the other team leave, making you think "Maybe we can win this round", only to be replaced with new match winners and your losing streak continues. Further exacerbated by the case where your team actually starts to kick ass and look like they are going to go on and win the game, only for you to drop from the server/game and upon rejoining the game you've been swapped to the other team and are back on THE LOSING SIDE!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! WHY?! WHY!?!?!?!?
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Funniest thread I've read in ages   Been rolling round with tears in my eyes as they're all true.

Hope you don't mind but I've copied my favourites and posted them in my clans forum, mentioning where they came from of course

Cheers again.
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The X stands for
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