Who are we?
Team Precision believes in equality within the clan and its members. All members are welcomed to express their opinions, and will not be insulted for them. Members are expected to be dedicated and active to maintain membership. Those that are not are removed are possibly given another chance, we believe in fairness on our terms. Teamwork, Sportsmanship, and Fun are the core beliefs that Team Precision members are expected to uphold.

What current members have said:

“I've been in plenty of clans, and this one has been best by far. Best by far? How could this be?
First, there are lots of friendly people. I've been here for close to a year and can say that from what I've seen, there aren't any people here that I wish were not in the clan. Can't say that about any of the 4 previous clans I've been in.” –Granger

“We are competitive with each other, but all in fun. One of the best times I have had here was the knife fight tournament with prizes at stake, even though I lost in the first round. To the guy that won the whole thing. But the point is that I had fun despite getting my lunch eaten.” -Icy

“Here's what you won't find here: Drama addicts, pot stirrers, race baiters, furries, religious zealots or hippies. It's called TEAM Precision for a reason.” -Shrodekill

What else do you do for fun?
We also enjoy creating movies in Battlefield 2 and other game engines. Keyelite, a member of our team, has produced the very popular Chase at Fushe and Ambush at Mashtuur City as well as many others.
If you are not familiar with Keyelite’s movies, you can view them at the following links:  (COD4/ Precision Frag Highlights Intro) (BF2/ Chase at Fushe) (BF2/ Ambush at Mashtuur)

We also enjoy to compete. In the past, we have competed in BF2, BF2142, L4D, and COD4. If you are competitive and enjoy any type of competitive play, give us a go! We love to participate in pugs, scrims, and matches.

So I’m interested, what are the requirements?
We are looking for mature, dedicated members that fulfill the following conditions:
- Maturity - We all like to have fun, but at times we need to be serious, and present ourselves as adults.
- Age - An age requirement of 16 or above is required.
- Dedication - We expect members who join our team to WANT to join. Dedication shows that. A willingness to be present to game with other members MUST be shown. This is especially important if you are interested in competing with team precision.
- Attitude - We expect all members to carry a positive, and friendly attitude while gaming. Don't be shy! We are looking for FUN characters. A great personality will go a long way and will fit right into Team Precision.
- Skill - We tend to not factor skill in too much as long as you are competent. If you can't figure out what team you are on, or how to throw a grenade-- there is a high chance you won't get in.
- Games – Currently we are looking for members for BC2, but having other games (like TF2) will help. We often take breaks to play other multiplayer games, such as TF2, L4D2, BF2142, Killing Floor, and even Worms Armageddon.

- We are currently accepting new members that satisfy the above listed conditions. Entrants will join a clan dedicated to fun, interactivity, and having a good time co-operating and working in a team. Again, please do NOT apply if you are just looking for a 'tag' to wear in game -- we are a tight-knit group of gamers who are looking for fun and dedicated members to frag with. If that's not what you are looking for in a team, then why bother?!

Other Info:
We have a 50 Man Ventrilo Server. If you have any questions, or would like to apply please visit us at or add some of us on steam .