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i got expert assault with 44 kills.. its strange i didnt get it immediately with 40
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BanG89 wrote:

i got expert assault with 44 kills.. its strange i didnt get it immediately with 40
Playing SF at the time perhaps? I would have my expert support by now if it weren't for 1.2 (yes you read that right, I stopped playing support altogether when that patch hit... ruined the fun of spraying and praying... now its back! Although the PKM is still too much like a sniper rifle for my tastes...). Now I'm back doing it I should have it in no time, I plan on getting it the easy way too... With an MG36 or a Phat Kalashnikov Monster, better than any tank IMHO...


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Whoa... Can't believe these forums are still kicking.

Delphy wrote:

Pfft, you nerds who are all like "i'm going to do it the hard way". Screw that, when I have 100 hours in my kits, i'm going to arty me some mofos. It's just a shame you can't get the pistol and knife ones that way!
I don't see what the big dealio is, I mean.. you get nothing for the expert badges. So, why the obsession with getting them?

I'm in no hurry to get them, i'm just going about it the hard way because it'll probably make me a better player.
And it's more of a challenge, I prefer BF2 to be challenging. If all people do is just go about driving in tanks mowing down people then they may as well just play some tank sim or something. Too easy for my taste thanks.

Cbass wrote:

Arty kills don't count dude.

terrafirma wrote:

Your kills using Arty do not count towards any badges.  They used to a long time ago, but this was done away with in the recent patches.
As already stated, yeah, they do. I got veteran sniper that way, post-1.12 I think (March 20th) surprised the hell out of me at the time

Got veteran special ops later the same week the same way. I also got basic engineer a week or so ago - that one was sweet, I had to go commander as my ping was spiking to 150+ and I couldn't hit a damn thing in-game; I noticed we had no commander a couple of minutes in, plus we were two players down (2x AFK) for most of the game, but we won
They are called "expert badges" for a reason.
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Cbass wrote:

Mj.Blindfisch wrote:

VeNg3nCe^ wrote:

Get in armor, jet, or chopper.
Yup,or the even cheaper way - become commander and go crazy with the arty.
Arty kills don't count dude.
Yeah they do.

Got vet specops that way.
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Erm... 24 player server.. 64 player maps... Karkand

(100+ scores each time)
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My plan is to get my Support and Sniper badges on foot because they're my favorite classes to play (well sniper use to be), Engineer badge the armor way because I'll be an Engineer, and the rest anyway I can because I want my super medal one day and the kits are only used during the proper situations.
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yea...I do think Arty kills still count towards badges....

I got one of my Vet kit badges as a commander (I think it was AT)....and I was at the gas station turret on karkand the whole time...

got all vet badges except Engie on THAT riding in an APC
Great Wall is great for any badge, at least for me. I went 44-17 there as a sniper with ease.
Enemy Sniper..." *BOOM* "Nevermind... got him...
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-Gunsmoke- wrote:

I was just wondering how some of you get your expert combat badges because 35 kills with a sniper in ONE round? and for the rest 40??? and on SF, 44.  It just seems hard to get b/c I let someone get expert medic with a tank only cause they asked nicely.  yeah.
I got my expert sniper on Mastuur City, with about 48 kills.  About 80-90% of the kills were made with the sniper rifle, and the remainder with claymores, grenades, and pistol.  I got my expert sniper specialist on Warlord, with about 70% of the kills made with the sniper rifle, about another 25% with claymores, and the remainder with miscellaneous weapon kills.

The big thing I remember about earning those badges was that I should have had my expert sniper about 2-3 days previously, but for some reason, my stats were registering as a brand new player (I WAS GETTING BASIC BADGES!).  Then, on top of that, both times that I did receive the badges, they didn't register until I had 43 kills on vanilla BF2, and 47 kills on SF.  It was an odd mixture of annoyance, AND excitement, when I did receive them.

Anyways, upon reaching my required 100h, I had refused to make the majority of those kills with tanks or arty.  Interestingly enough, I've had a lot of matches where I've met the kill requirements needed for the expert sniper badges ever since then.  So, needless to say, by the time you reach 100 hours in any kit, you should be more than capable of getting the kill requirements needed.
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The trick here is to know the map u play and know the kit u play with and u kinda do that after 100 hours with that kit.

My record is 70+ kills IAR and i`ve seen people with 100+ IAR, mostly in a "High Points" server with equal teams, u can play for close to an hour on the same map.
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