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I thought it's fairly easy. Just have to control the rudder and thrust to make the sharp turns. And when you're bombing/strafing just let go of the throttle and use the rudder on its own to fine tune your guns onto the ground.

Dogfighting is hard though, because it's so easy to get shot down it's usually a case of "get behind the guy before he does you and shoot him down" and then keep on raping him on the ground until he gets bored and you can then start trying to kill things on the ground.

The bombs suck though, you're better off using your guns to kill people as they have explosive shells, but the bombs are only useful against vehicles. I suppose all in the name of balance

But you'll still get raped by anyone competent enough to use the AA guns
Red Forman

Mekstizzle wrote:

I thought it's fairly easy.
we shall see
One-eyed Wonder Mod
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The flying is one of my favorite parts of 1943.  The controls are responsive and work really well for me...I just wish I could invert the Free Look control when flying.  I think I was also just enthralled with the learning took about a day to get used to the controls and figure out maneuvers, then I was quickly able to just dive-bomb anything on the battlefield.  Nothing better than slowing down and strafing the hell out of an enemy flag.  Coral Sea really helped, especially with the dogfighting and learning how to outmaneuver other players.
Everyone bails, 90% of them over the ocean and end up having to suicide for -10 anyways.

The AA is so fucking OP-first day I played I got in and shot down the guy that was 20-0 before he took more than 10% health off of me. It makes it so fun to bail over the AA and rocket launcher it.

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