49 maps in total

New Vehicles:
1. RAH-66 Comanche - Confirmed - 9-17-2009
2. Ticonderoga Destroyer - Confirmed - 9-17-2009
3. Drexler Destroyer - Confirmed - 9-17-2009
4. F-14 Tomcat - Definite Maybe, if i can finish its coding.

New Features:
1. Team Deathmatch Game-Mode, classic old school team deathmatch
2. Unlocks Enabled Server EXE to be packaged with the normal server files so all dconx servers can run All Unlocks For Everyone and display Gamestats Ranks.
3. Coop and Singleplayer support for most maps. - added: 09-17-2009

3. Ingame menus have been tweaked for easier navigation and understanding and for looks.

1. Missing CTF flags on Omaha Beach.
2. probably more to list later.

Coop Supported Maps:
Dalian Plant
73 Eastings
Desert Shield
El Alamein Dusk
El Alamein
GreatWall … php?t=8803
Love is the answer
Anybody play this mod?
Yes I Do
+44|6221|Auteuil, Laval
I used toplay it a lot when it came out but servers suddenly were not much populated and then it decreased to basically nothing.

I would / will play it.

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