[EDIT 2] It appears to be a problem with VoIP. When I disable VoIP I can play on any server. I'll try to reinstall sound drivers etc to try to fix it. Vent is working, but it took ages to 'synchronize' (whatever that means). Tried that, still no good.

Hi all, I need some help. I've just encountered a problem that I've never seen before.

BF2 was working perfectly until yesterday (including with the new patch which I've been playing with no problems since it was released).

Now when I join some servers it loads the map and I click join, it then shows a view of the battlefield as usual, and I get some text (last guys to get killed etc.), the mini-map, and the box saying 'select spawnpoint' drops down from the top of the screen, but the spawn screen doesn't appear, the music fades out but no sound after that, and I can't see anyone in the server (even when I'm sure it's populated). I can't do anything, except if I hit Esc the box saying 'loading menu' appears and that's it, I have to quit BF2 from Task Manager (btw Task Manager says BF2 is still running rather than not responding).

I've found a few servers where it doesn't happen at all and I can play fine, but most servers I usually play on it happens every time (not just sometimes).

I tried manually updating PB, but PBsetup said it was already up to date. I have all the latest drivers for my hardware.

The only things that I had changed since last time it worked were some in-game controls and video setting I was playing with on my main profile. I also copied the .con files in MyDocs from that profile over to my other profile (so they would both have the same settings).

I had one server kick me with the 'modified content' message, but I've since uninstalled and reinstalled BF2 and re-patched, but it still happens (using default options).

I also uninstalled Java and Logitech Desktop Manager which recently had updates (just in case they were the cause).

Karma for help (or just for posting, so I feel the love )

EDIT: Added the bit about copying profile files, and also using my secondry profie I can join all server (at least all the ones I've tried so far) nope still stuffed, I successfully joined 2 servers in a row, but now it's broken again

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