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We are just a group of guys who want to have fun playing Battlefield 2 and we've been playing BF2 together for a few years now. We want to grow our community and we welcome anyone who wants to play and you can put an app to join us. We recruit mature gamers who are 18+ years old but we make exceptions if you can prove to be mature. If you don't plan on joining, you can still come to the website/forums and our servers to have a good time.
Ventrilo Info:
Port: 4755

We do have 2 servers that we are trying to populate as much as we can so any help is much appreciated!


We also pre-ordered a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 server that we will have when the game comes out.
'sup, some of you were in *TA* am I rite? I've seen you in GP's Jello server and I could recall some names.
oh haiiii!!   good people in that thar group

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