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Played it? Liked it?

I have not yet played it, but look forward to my copy14%14% - 168
I have not played it, and do not intend to22%22% - 258
I have played it, and I plan to continue playing it41%41% - 473
I have played it, but I won't play any more20%20% - 233
Total: 1132
Sorry for double post.

I also friggin love that the medic packs aren't insta heal. it really helps even out the classes, and with only 4 classes, you feel like you can do a lot more with the equipment your alotted. And tactical thinking in this game is TOTALLY key. fastest shooter doesn't always win anymore.
Sniper Kitten Wins !
No more jet/heli rape anymore , a flexible unlock system to suit your play style and Titan mode.

I still go back to BF2 once in a while to Heli/jet whore
I won't play it...unless I am at some LAN place, simply because I am not into the future stuff.  I like WWII or current genres.
all right buddy, your good to go
Proud Eagle For Life
+2|4124|United States
I think BF2142 is a great game.

Like: Faster Rank-up, more ranks, more awards, better teamwork (squads are now important to others).
Dislike: Less servers than BF2, no 1-hit-kill mines, have to unlock some basic gear.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

One patch 1.5 comes along bf2 will be back at the top, of the garbage heap.

"coz you a far cry from acclaim nigga ubisoft"
+2|4123|Mukilteo,Washington, USA
I still like BF2 better, not to be bios, but when you spend 4 years on one game and only 6 months on another (2142) you would still play the same game, 2142 doesn't feel like it was fully put together, but that's only me. I guess you have to let 2142 work on you, maybe after some time with it, there might be more people playing. There seems to be more people playing BF2 then BF2142, there are also less mods, and the community isnt as big as BF2's. Anyways im still playing it, i just think its good, not great
+2|4123|Mukilteo,Washington, USA
i like it even though it feels way different then bf2

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