The =WHF= Clan is back and Reopened there recruitment.
After a few months of not recruiting the =WHF= clan decided to start recruiting again.

To get a proper first impression of our clan (The first impression is always the most valuable impression) we made this post.

What will this post contain? This Post will contain:
Some =WHF= info
Joining requirements
=WHF= server info.
Contact info

WHF info:

=WHF= has been created by Gandolf_killer, Amaai and Uthog  29 November 2007.
The clan has been created after problems with clan leaders from another clan.
What does =WHF= means? Well WHF stands for “We Have Fun”.

At the best moment the =WHF= Clan had 54 active members.
Currently we do not have a lot of members, main reason is that the game became older, and new games came out.
What came to a result of leaving members.

Obviously not all the members left by themselves,
In the history we removed several members, for various reasons.
These reasons would be: inactiveness, Cheating & rule breaking as well as moving to another clan and start recruiting in our clan.

=WHF= is an international clan, the language that is spoken is mainly in English.
Members are mostly from Europe, and for that reason English is our main languish.
Most of the management speaks multiple languages so that the can help you when you have problems in any kind.

As of today (28 February 2009) we have added Hurmyie to our clan management to take care of recruiting new members.
To do this, we  made this post with all the information you will need to join this clan.

Join Requirements:

Because the WHF is an international clan the language that is spoken is mainly in English.
We know and understand, that this is not your mother languish and you might have problems speaking and writing English.
Our forum is English based, but when you have problems don’t hesitate to contact one of the Admins. See contact for contact information.

These are the main requirements for joining the WHF clan.

-    All players with a clean record may join the =WHF= clan
This means we scan your account and CD code if you did not cheated in any way.

As a requirement for the =WHF= clan,
All new participants to join the =WHF= clan need to make there own new topic on our forums.
We would like you to create a new topic that considers the following information.

Real Name:
Age (18+ preferable):
Bf2 Nickname:
Bf2142 Nickname:
Do you consider yourself as a team player?
Are you able to use Team speak?
X-fire Nickname:
Able to donate/willing to donate:
Extra information about yourself:

- An applications will NEVER Be declined if some one is able or not to donate.
- If you turn out not to be a team player you will be removed
- All Players Must have a clean Record!
- Be aware if some one is having a linked banned guid (that belongs to you) the application will be denied!

WHF server info:

As we have good contacts with a game server host (
We have access to multiple battlefield 2 and battlefield 2142 servers.
Bellow will be a list of the servers we currently control.

Battlefield 2
Currently we have 3 public 32 slots ranked servers and a mod server what runs the well known AIX mod.

Server 01 is running Karkand infantry only, and FF is switched of.

Server 02 is running Vehicles citty maps.
The maps that run on this server are: Strike at karkand, mastuur Citty, road to jallibad and Sharqi Peninsula.

Server 03 is running Air maps only, watch out, FF is turned ON!
Maps that are in the rotation are: kubra dam, FuShe Pass, Dragon Valley, Wake Island 2007 and more.

Server 08 is running the BF2 AIX mod. This server is connected to the aix stats page and you will be having your aix rank on this server.

Battlefield 2142.
Currently we have only 1 battlefield 2142 server.
The main reason is that we just started the bf2142 section.

Server 02 is running 24/7 Gamb Gibraltar
No vehicles and FF is switched off.

All server are streamed by punk buster, hackers that have a global ban, will not be able to join the server.
We strive towards a fair game, this is the reason we ban and report hackers on sight.
The rules that we are running on the server can be found on our main page:

Contact information.

To contact the WHF clan the following sources can be used.
Website: Homepage
E-mail: [email protected] =WHF= Hurmyie (Clan Leader)
E-mail: [email protected] =WHF= Helpdesk

PS. This post can be changed at any minute without giving any notice on our website.