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Dear Civilians,

I am writing this letter to inform you of a great opportunity for mature dedicated gamers to join the ranks of the best clan to ever bless a battlefield. Here at Death Dealers of War we pride our selves on our honor and integrity but at the same time we also enjoy just having fun. If you are interested in joining a fly by night, here today gone tomorrow type of clan please stop reading and close this post. The =[DDW]= clan has just started with experienced and dedicated members and growing each day to new horizons. Our members are from all facets of the planet, from the U.S to the U.K and even further.

The Death Dealers of War clan has Just started recruiting and we always treat each other like family from the highest rank to the entry level Recruit member. This clan is self sufficient and has no issues taking care of its own. We have a lot to offer, from our 7 dedicated ranked gaming servers to our 100 member Ventrilo server and a top of the line website with forums for posting information or just chatting about today’s weather. We also offer promotion opportunities and medals and ribbons to our members who show dedication and stay active in our forums, games and ventrilo server. We also have a scrim/ practice server for clan matches or just for the members to get together and practice there skills.

Please wait no longer, come join our ranks here at Death Dealers of War and become part of the greatest clan ever…..Visit Our Temporary Site
Register and make an application post today!

Here are our servers and the I.P Addresses

Vent server can be found at port 4330

Battlefield 2142 conquest server. port 17567

Battlefield 2142 all maps server. port 17570

Battlefield 2 server. port 16567

Call Of Duty 4 server. port 28960

Call Of Duty 5 server. port 28960

Battlefield 1942 dc server. port 14567

Left 4 Dead server. port 27015

Please come visit us, we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!
Death Dealers of War

If you have any question please feel free to email me at [email protected] or if you come by the site feel free to contact Goose, Wolfman2006, Burner or check out xfire page at and also our gametracker page at and last but not least our myspace page at
Amdi Peter
Don't you have a BF2 server, or am I just blind?
be nice
+2,646|5582|The Twilight Zone

Amdi Peter wrote:

Don't you have a BF2 server, or am I just blind?
Battlefield 2 server. port 16567
+0|4678|Fort Worth, TX
thanks .Sup

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