The DrunkenMasters clan is always recruiting mature adult gamers who are looking for a laid back and relaxed gaming community to join. In order to join our family you must be at least 18 years old due to the adult nature of our group. We have had a solid community of gamers for nearly 10 years now and we continue to grow on into the future.

We currently host several game servers including BF2, 2142, and COD 5. We also play many different mods for BF2 such as POE2, FH2, and others. Our group holds weekly interclan scrimmages and we usually average about 12-14 players weekly for these events. We do have a monthly membership fee of $15 - $20 which is used to pay for our website, servers, and bandwidth usage. This may seem like alot to play games but as our members will suggest, you do get alot more for your money then just games as we offer many member only privilages such as file sharing etc.

Please visit our website at and be sure to check out our forums, and FAQ section to answer some of your additional questions. Please also feel free to join us on any of our game servers to experience the laid back, good times we are known for.

Thank You,

The DrunkenMasters Clan