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The blood hawks was formed in late August of 2004, formed to be the gaming community that strives to be at the top of their game at all time. We accommodate a variety of tactical shooters that in turn accommodate a tight group of loyal individuals who love playing effectively as a team. Our recruitment goal for this clan is to have this clan active enough so anyone could get online at any certain time and have someone available to get on a server and have fun with. Our history is a good one, while we are not decorated in tournament medals, and ladder records, we have come a long way from the start. Adding new styles of game play, and changing formats of recruitment and website development, along with taking part in a real online community of dedicated gamers that have bonded together with a common purpose of more organized, fun, and better gaming, all while kicking everyone else's "rear-end" on the field. All active and inactive members agree that this was the best decision they made in online gaming, was to join the bloodhawks. No bickering, no arguments have ever occured in this clan, no complaints of any degree have occured by any member. Only agreeable teamwork and loyalty has been shown by each and every member over the course of this clans’ time. We are now pursuing our 5th generation of online games ranging back from Ghost Recon Classic, then going to Battlefield 1942, then to Call of Duty: United Offensive, then to Battlefield 2, with short eras of Battlefield 2142 and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter thrown in there for good measure. There is no telling what future games we may make as our official clan games, but the future is bright.

Our goal coming here is to recruit a 20 man platoon for our BF2 section. Our process for recruitment is fairly simple yet requires you to follow directions in rapid succession. The first step would be to visit our forums @ [url][/url] and click the "join us" board on the nav-bar for full instructions on how to get started. Once you're buttoned in on our teamspeak, and xfire lists, along with registered to our forums we will begin recruit training.

Here are the areas you will be trained in, for new recruits...
Rectuit Training:
1) Understand the ROE (rules of engagement) commands.
2) Positioning Flexibility
3) Rate of fire discipline and flexibility.
4) Choosing the best stance, and changing stance at right time. (Fieldcraft)
5) Communication efficiency. (including teamspeak bindings, and all of the basics)
6) Single unit movement initiative and learning our team techniques. (techniques from 3-man movement techniques, to squad and platoon bounding overwatch with vehicles and aerial assault)
7) Show effective battle drills. Crew served weapons encounter, break contact discipline, ambush initiative, CQB building clearing.
8) Defensive initiative, Vehicular Initiative.
9) Learn clans' combat profiles.

...after learning the basics and becoming a full member, you will learn even more on becoming an effective team member each day you are online...

This clan isn't your normal everyday clan. After you become a full member of -{BH}- you will understand the pride that comes with having these tags. The amount of knowledge you'll gain of the battlefield from our members is reason enough for newer players to join and learn the ropes, and reason enough for skilled players to join a clan that has this type of mentality.

cheers :salute:
-{BH}- is still recruiting, so join -{BH}- today or you'll be a b*tch and a half.

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  • -{BH}- Now recruiting for 20 man Platoon for BF2

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