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I thought you were good, going to be a proud anti-liberal Marine or some such thing.  What you worried about?
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GorillaTicTacs wrote:

I thought you were good, going to be a proud anti-liberal Marine or some such thing.  What you worried about?
I thought you also served, how come you're not like the rest of 'em
Pendulous Sweaty Balls
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Yeah stryyk, what happened to the Marines?
biggie smalls
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Ye, I would say so, I mean I'm in the same generation as you and all I can say is it doesn't look good. Neither McCain or Obama will solve anything. It seems to me the GOP and Dems are very similar on certain issues, it's like both candidates are from the same party, the fucking do nothing party.
"you know life is what we make it, and a chance is like a picture, it'd be nice if you just take it"
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
National Review article talking about how overeducated and underemployed young people will be problematic when they become the voting majority in a few years. Comments are a lot of "young people these days." One string I found really funny.

Conservatives want people in their personal lives held hostage to their toxic personality? This kind of dovetails with threads on cancel culture and alike. If your "telling it like it is" personality and positions are causing people to distance themselves from you and people like you, you may want to investigate if you are in fact the problem.

The guy complaining about his daughter and relatives failing out of school had more empathy and understanding than the guy complaining about his 20 year old not wanting to speak to him.

Here's an idea for these guys: swallow your pride stop talking politics around your liberal family. Nobody wants to be around an angry old conservative man grumbling about how the liberals should be taken out back and shot, much less their liberal daughters. Ask that it be reciprocated, and have your family gathering sans politics. Everyone will come out happier.

Complaining about liberal relatives cutting them out of their lives. What about all the homosexual children cut out of their families' lives by homophobic parents listening to their homophobic pastors?

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